Why Bother?

Those that hold the land and those passing through – which dear reader are you?
Or better put, who do you think you are, indiginous or offcomer, resident or visitor?

The reality is that we are all, regardless of how we chose to present ourselves, whether to others or to ourselves, mere transients.
We are all just passing through time in an ancient space, billions of years old, this planet Earth, this Universe.
What lives on is the meme, the eternal ideas, beliefs, principles, laws, knowledge, wisdom.

The present building on the past

The future building on the present

The future building on the past, using now as the carrier
What is the nature of responsibility of ancestors towards their descendents, blood-line and neighbour equally?
What do each of us owe the future?
It would be good though, wouldn’t it….
Good to leave behind something of value, something of practical use that expands future gross national happiness.
Let’s drill down further….
At its root, the real value is choice
And for choice to exist requires several attributes and conditions:
Power, capability, wherewithal, can do

Freedom, the condition where choice is made without fear of the reaction or response of others

Knowledge, skill, awareness of the possibility, ability

Will, action, JFDI, the act of doing without which choice might as well not exist, use it or lose it

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